Amelia Ann

Amelia Ann joined the world on January 25th, 2019 and mom, dad, and big brother, Leo, couldn’t be more excited for her to complete their family. We spent the whole time snuggled up in her room, mostly watching her sleep. She did a great job just being all snuggled up and letting us move her all around to create some cute photos. Leo was excited to be there, but couldn’t resist a good joke while most of the focus was on baby sister. He pulled out the Dracula teeth and made us all laugh — clearly a product of his father.

This kind of stuff is my favorite parts of family photos. The reality of life with kids. There’s poop, tears, giggles, a cat walking by, and Dracula teeth, but the best part is when the family embraces it. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and want the perfect photos, but the truth is, this is your perfect little family. Everything from the little toes to baby toots to legos getting chucked at you are your perfect, little babies.

Congrats to my friends, Mandy and Tom, on not only their funny, little boy, but also to their perfect, little baby girl.